How to market your online course?

Nov 26, 2020

After you did the work of creating your course and recording it,  e’ebo makes it super easy to upload your content and publish it. But once you have reached the publishing stage what comes next?

Sales don't happen magically, after publishing the real work begins! If you don't have an online following yet, you are now building your brand, creating awareness and interest for your course - and this article is for you!

Go with the lowest hanging fruits - Your immediate network

Tell your network, friends and community about your endeavor, ask them for their help. Their support can be in the form they purchase your course if interested, but if it's not relevant to them they can share it with their network and help you spread the word and find the right clients.  

People are buying from people

Tell your story! Introduce yourself using the free intro video option to tell who you are and why you are doing this channel. Keep telling your story on social media, build up trust. Let people get to know you.

Connect with your target audience

Engage with like minded people online and offline, be valuable in your engagement, read up on how to organically get Instagram, facebook followers, or LinkedIn. Regularly publish on your own channel and market your product. If you are currently selling your time to teach, train or coach others you start with your previous and existing clients, by telling your students about your online course.

Think about the customer journey

How do people learn about you? Customers go through three stages before making a purchase: awareness, consideration and decision stage. At first you have to get customers aware about your course, what is the problem they have that you are solving with your course? The next stage is to explain how you are solving that problem and what the potential solutions to it are (consideration stage). The final stage is to educate the customer about why to pick your solution, here it sometimes can be advisable to incentivize or put a deadline on a discount that will help you close and create a sense of urgency to decide.

As you start out this new venture, keeping in mind beginnings are hard but it gets easier as you are building your fanbase and then later selling becomes a piece of cake.

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