New to digital content?

Creator Basics Mar 27, 2020


Content is king - that’s how the saying goes, but how to get started when new to content creation? How to make relevant content that people want to watch? This guide will focus on the artistic and technical aspects of content creation, read the guide on building an online business to find guidance on making relevant content.

First of all there is no single formula to achieving the perfect video. As you will learn from those that have done it, some videos will not be as popular as others but don’t stop putting in effort getting better in each recording!


You can start with as simple as a smart phone with at least 8 Megapixels (8MP) or higher is recommended. Most phones these days come with 12 MP especially if it is a brand phone like Samsung or Apple.

Go to your camera settings and select 720p. If your phone does not have it you may need to borrow a camera that you can use temporarily. We recommend testing if the sound quality of your camera is enough or if you need a microphone (microphones start from 20$ or around 100k UGX).

Lightning if you don't have extra equipment try to avoid any artificial lights as they give the video a bluish color that is not very appealing to watch. Look at foil or white paper to create a reflector that can help make the light look more soft and reduce shadows. (More about this in other blog articles.)

Start with testing your setting

Set up your equipment and start testing, tweak around until you find a spot and a position that is comfortable for the type of video you are making and record a few trials and double check on audio quality, light and video quality. Here are some considerations for you to keep in mind when setting up and testing:

Put yourself in your viewers’ eyes. What is it that would make them stop watching your tutorial?

  1. Poor audio: No one ever notices when sound is perfect, because the point of recording the tutorial is to communicate. But as soon as you can’t be heard or there is distracting noise in the background, your audience will instantly lose interest. We recommend the following:
  • Hire a microphone where possible especially the wearable ones
  • Recording your video in a quiet place. Background noise can be a distraction
  • Speak clearly and loudly
  1. Poor video quality: A video where the content cannot be viewed clearly or is pixelated or too dark is a major reason for your audience to turn off. How to avoid that?
  • Using a poor quality phone camera. We recommend at least 12 megapixels for your video recording in a minimum of 720p
  • Faulty compression: We recommend you never reduce the size of a video more than 25% of its original quality.
  • Poor lighting: A too dark video or one with too many shadows can make it difficult to watch.
  1. Unstructured content: Before you start your video let your audience know what you are going to talk about, and interest them in continuing. (More about this in course planning and video scripting)

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